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it's a great read by a great guy. just happens to be my husband who was on the show when it came out. you can gift it on and i personally guarantee you are going to enjoy it. thanks for watching. here's "studio b." >> greg: welcome to "studio b." i'm in for shep. we begin this hour with the man about to leave the top job at the irs facing a relentless, brutal, bipartisan grilling today on capitol hill. the big question, though, who else is responsible for the agency's targeting of controversitive group -- considerative groups? steven miller and another top official forced to resign. miller said his agents made, quote, unquote, foolish mistakes and provided horrible customer service. he called those mistakes intolerable. >> as acting commissioner i want to apologize on behalf of the
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internal revenue service for he mistakes we made and poor service we provided. the affected organizations and the american public deserve better. partisanship or even the perception of partisanship has no place at the irs, it cannot even appear to be a consideration in determining the tax exemption of an organization. >> greg: that rhetoric not withstan, went on to argue his agents were not on a partisan mission. rather, they faced a growing up in or applications for this tax exempt status and were trying to find ways to handle a heavy work load more efficiently. still, many democrats joined the republican colleagues in going after the irs chief. charlie wrangle calling the problem a cancer. >> this is wrong to abuse the tax system. this screams out for tax reform,s to it not? >> i think it's an area right for redefinition and reform, yes, sir. >> well, regardless of whether democrats or republicans did
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something like this next outrage should still be there. is that not correct? >> if the outrage as to the -- >> to the abuse. >> yes. greg greg -- >> greg: lawmakers openingly asking he internal revenue service chief if there was anything he was trying to hide. listen to this back and forth between miller and washington republican congressman dave reichert. >> this is the united states congress you're accountable to, which is accountable to american citizens do you not believe it's your job to provide us the information you knew so people of this country can be properly served, honestly. you're a law enforcement agency, for crying out loud. i was a cop for 33 years. you raised your right hand today. did this committee have the right to know what you knew? yes or no? >> i answered all questions
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truthfully. i also will tell you that it was -- >> let me ask you -- >> all or -- >> i'm going to mr. george because my time -- you're not going to cooperate with me, mr. miller and have been cooperative. who who was responsible? you're the commissioner. >> i don't have that name. >> why don't you have the name? have you asked anybody? >> yes. >> who tide you -- did you ask? >> i -- >> you don't have the name either. >> let him answer the question. >> it's washington state's time. >> who did you ask? >> i asked the senior technical adviser. >> what is his name? >> nancy marks. >> what did nancy tell you? who is responsible? >> that i don't remember. >> you don't remember again? all right. >> greg: he couldn't get out of there fast enough. as soon as he hearing was over
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one of our producers says the irs chief rushed into a waiting car. in fact our team had to sprint to catch up with him. mike, who is in good shape, is on capitol hill weapon heard from the watchdog who committed the irs report. what did he say? >> the inspector general was not a headline grabber. he had a very mellow personality but his purpose was to lay out the report that he issued on the activities of the irs and here us how he laid it out. >> the irs used inappropriate criteria to target for review tea party and other organizations based on their name and policy positions. this practice started in 2010 and continued to evolve until june of 2011. >> that kind of answer led lawmakers to wonder why it took two years for them to be told about this kind of activity, targeting groups at the irs, greg. >> greg: and it's pretty clear,
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mike, that lawmakers were not happy campers today. >> that's right. they seemed aggravate by the evasive answers they felt like they got from mr. miller, the outgoing acting commissioner at the irs. one key republican tried going after miller for the i.r.s. trial to say there was no bias against conservative groups. >> if the targeting wasn't targeting, if the targeting wasn't based on philosophy, how come only conservatives got snagged? >> they didn't, sir. organizations from all walks and all persuasions were pulled in. that's shown by the fact that only 70 of the 300 organizations were tea party organizations of the ones that were looked at -- >> in contradiction to the testimony. i yield back. >> greg: republicans clearly wanted miller to start naming names. who started the targeting, whose
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idea. he did not want to get into that, and so there was some frustration, greg. >> greg: he had some considerable memory lapses at the most inconstant event -- inconvenient time. what did we hear from key democrats? >> sandra levin is the top democrat on the 'panel. he said they needed to seek the truth and not political gain, but he also seemed to tap into some of the emotions. >> all of us are angry at this on behalf of the nation. and we are determined to get answers to our questions about how this happened to ensure that it does not happen again. finally, throughout this time, the irs leadership has demonstrated a total disregard for the oversight role of the
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reporter: democrats seemed the irs was not 0 more forthcoming about the activity, either misleading congress, or flat out lying, greg. >> greg: well, sander levin said he was angry, but you didn't really feel the anger, but others certainly expressed their anger at the hearing. >> that's right. they tapped into what many americans feel about the huge nature of the irs, the immense power it has, the fear the irs causes people when you get a phone call from the irs, or a letter, asking about your finances. well, take a listen to this. >> you know, you can put anybody out of business that you want anytime you want, and i got to tell you, you talk about you're a horribly run organization. if you're on the other side of the fence, you're not given that excuse. and when the irs comes in, you're not allowed to be shoddy or run horribly. you're not allowed to make
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mistake or too one damn thing that is not in compliance. i you do you're held responsible right then. >> so clearly not buying some of the excuses that mr. miller was giving. after the hearing, dave camp, the chairman of the committee, said he was struck by the arrogance that came across. called it disturbing, and said the negligent management practices at the irs were stunning, greg. >> greg: mike emanuel live. joining us now the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. chris there was miller, and he admitted improper practices but vigorously denied any political motivation. is that going to be a pretty tough sell, not just to members of congress but to the american people? >> sure. because of the fact that sort of like, what do you believe? what i tell you or you're lying eyes? and people see that any group that had the name, tea party, or patriot, or 912 or talked about
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the mission being educating people on the constitution and bill of rights for improving america, they were on the be on the lookout list. this bolo list, so that looked like targeting, smells like targeting, sounds like target, it's targeting. i think the think that was the lowest moment for city vein miller, the acting irs commissioner today, was -- this is hitting the congressmen where they lived. they said we asked you repeatedly, was there targeting, because we were getting complaints from our constituents, particularly the republican congressmen, from our tea party constituents, they're having trouble applying for this tax exempt status, and he said, i didn't mislead you in any way. i answered the questions as asked, which basically meant if you asked me a question, i gave you the narrowest, most legalistic answer. they didn't like that a bit, nor should they.
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>> we'll talk a former federal prosecutor about whether fault statements to congress might eventually apply. want to play one sound bite. this is representative questioning miller. take a listen. >> you sent letters to congress acknowledging our investigation of these allegations, but consistently omitted that such discriminatory practices alleged were actually in fact taking place. why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, i did not mislead congress nor the american people. i answered the questions as they were asked. >> this is bad for miller and bad for the irs. i wonder how it affects the president who said he was outraged and astonished as well and knew nothing about it. >> i have to say, that -- the arrogance of that answer and the
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open contempt -- i answered the questions as asked, base which i saying, if you didn't ask me, is there a be on the lookout list, i'm sure wasn't going to tell you. somebody hereside today, reminds you of when you're calling to ask a tax question of the irs and the run-around you get there. and in terms of its political impact for the president in the long run, it's going to depend on what the facts show. itself really did just end at the irs, at people like steven miller, then the president is going to summer political damage but nothing serious. on the other hand, if there's ever any evidence that the information about this, let alone direction to carry this targeting out, even information about it. went to the treasury department or the white house, then this president is in serious trouble but no indication of this. >> senator levin accused dave camp, the chairman of the house ways and means committee, of politicizing the issues. i wonder on the flip side here
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whether republicans are in danger of overplaying this. >> look, that is something -- and there are indications that the house leadership, is very cautious about, concerned about, whether it's the irs or the ap intones or benghazi, they don't want to overplay their hand and have another 1998 where they impeach president clinton and ends up back lashing against them. theser serious charge. the biggest scandal is the irs. and seeing the attitude of the acting commissioner today didn't help at all. >> chris wallace, we'll be watching you on sunday. chris anchors fox news sunday. he'll be talking to the white house senior advisor, dan piperrer, about all of the different controversies facing the white house including the irs, the response to the terror attack in benghazi, and the feds
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keeping tabs on journalists-and also get gop reaction from paul ryan. that is this weekend on fox news sunday. >> much more on today's fiery irs hearing on capitol hill ahead, including a closer look at the woman whose office monitored tax exemptions during the conservative targeting now she runs the irs office responsible for enforcing president obama's healthcare law. plus, it's happened again. a third military official in charge of preventing sexual assaults, now under arrest. details on those charges he faces coming up next.
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12:17 pm
prevention program at fort campbell, kentucky, and comes after a sergeant is charged of sexual assault, a guy whose job was to prevent sexual assault and that's not all. officials say the ran a prostitution ring, and then this guy, cops say he drunkenly groped a woman in a parking lot. all of this as the pentagon reported that every single week last year, some five hundred men and women in military became victims of sexual assault, and now president obama called together military leaders, vowing to get to the bottom of the problem. molly is live in d.c. with the news. the defense secretary, speaking to reporters today, what is he saying? >> he and other military leaders are disappointed and embarrassed about the scandals. defense sect chuck hagel says he will hold his first weekly meeting this afternoon to get an update from his military leaders on how zero tolerance for sexual
12:18 pm
harassment is being implemented. he also says anyone who is part of any sexual harassment prevention program in any military branch will be reviewed and retrained. here's more. >> we have in many ways failed. but we all have committed to turn this around, and we're going to fix the problem. >> the president called defense sect haig school the heads of military branches to the white house yesterday to tell them to step up their efforts to fix this, quote, scourge in the military. >> greg: discourage -- surge indeed. was this the start of something big center. >> on that post, no. although the investigation continues and while the army did remove the man from his job because of the charges, army officials suggest this was about
12:19 pm
a child custody dispute with his ex-wife rather than a larger systemic problem with the sexual harassment program at the army post. an army spokesman said, quote, from our understanding, lieutenant colonel haas is in a conflict with his wife based on contentious divorce and both have mutual orders of protection against each other. progress -- >> greg: what a mess. oj simpson, still trying to convince a judge to give him a brand new trial on his armed robbery conviction, and today his former attorney took the witness stand. the guy simpson's current say was incompetent. coming up next, what he says oj admitted to him about the gun that helped put simpson behind bars. [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪
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>> greg: key testimony in oj simpson's bid for a new trial. he says his attorney told him he could take his stuff back, today said not try. didn't happen. yale galanter on the witness stan. he defended the disgraced former football star during his armed robbery case a few years ago. earlier this week simpson claimed he crafted the sting operation based on his advice from his former lawyer. galanter said he did not give him the go-ahead. >> did you advice him regarding the plan? >> he never told me of a plan, and second, i said, call the police. he said, that he had already tried to call the police and they weren't doing anything. and i said, oj, you know, you
12:24 pm
got to call the police. >> greg: simpson has also repeatedly claimed he did not know anybody had a gun that day. they burst into the room. another claim his former attorney refuted today. >> based on my conversations with mr. simpson, he told me that he did in fact ask alexander to bring a gun. he screwed up. he knew there were guns in the room. >> simpson is now serving up to 33 years in prison for the incident. his current attorneys argue the juice should get a new trial bought galanter batched -- botched the first one. >> galanter buried simpson today. their defense was oj didn't know anything about guns. there was no sly -- violence,
12:25 pm
and came as a complete surprise. now we know that simpson is the one who demand the gun. it was all a big law. >> well, simpson is arguing that wasn't true at all, that galanter told him that this is -- if somebody takes something that belongs to you, you can take it back. if galanter did in fact -- these are oj's allegations -- did give him this advice, then the issue is, he should not have represented him trial because as simpson's defense is arguing, he is going to craft a defense strategy that is going to protect him. >> greg: i covered the murder trial in california. i interviewed simpson afterwards. he always struck me as a chronic liar. and now it's up to the judge to decide who is telling the truth here. who gets the benefit of the doubt in situations like this? look, in every prison across america, every con claims he is innocent and his lawyer botched
12:26 pm
the case. >> you're absolutely correct. this is something that is very common. when you're defending someone, if there's a conviction if you don't gate conviction you're not going to hear about it but if there is, you feel you were wrongly convicted, you'll hear about it. the issue here is the judge is going to make its determination based on the credibility of both parties. in this situation, galanter vs. oj. >> greg: my favorite argue; because it's so ludicrous, is that oj says, yeah, yeah, my lawyer told me to go in there and take all of this. i mean, what lawyer in his right mind would tell a client to do that and certainly wouldn't tell his client, oh, by the way, bring guns, businessle whip a few guys and kidnap them. >> galanter testified he did not give that type of advise, stating he told him, look, call the police. >> greg: doesn't that hurt o j's credibility? it's so unbelievable.
12:27 pm
>> that -- yes, very, very strong argument. but the judge is going to decide. it's all in the judge's hands. >> greg: lawyer verse con, nine out of ten judge goes with the lawyer. >> evangeline gomez, good to see you. >> greg: the irs official who once ran the division has a brand new job, she has been tapped for a role that has left republican leaders livid. details next. plus, the tiny cell where the brutal killer jodi arias spends 23 hours of every day. we're getting a rare tour of that actual cell thanks to the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in america. that's next. angie's list is essential. i automatically go there.
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>> greg: this is "studio b." updating the fox top story. the mess at the i.r.s. law makers held a hearing. city vein miller apologized for the agency's tactics which he called foolish mistakes and, quote, horrible customer service. do you think? he said the targeting was not politically motivated, but when asked for specifics, he said he didn't really know, and that left lawmakers outraged. >> you said i don't know. if an american taxpayer said to you in an audit, i don't know the answer, what would your
12:32 pm
agency do with that request person? >> work with them. >> they say they don't know. that's the problem. >> why tide you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, did not mislead congress nor the american people. >> now you have come here and try to say, i did the honorable thing by falling on my sword? nothing bad is going to happen to you. >> nothing bad is happening to me? congressmann? >> fortunately. you're a -- financially, you're allowed to retire. you're getting a paycheck to be here, correct? >> correct. >> greg: still getting paid. some g.o.p. lawmakers are angry he wasn't fired over this and was set to leave the job next month. new lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle are calling for more heads to roll. wendell is live with the news at the white house. wendell, the latest focus in this scandal is an old target, actually, for republicans. it's the president's healthcare
12:33 pm
law. right? >> well, greg, the woman who used the untoe run the tax exempt division of the internal revenue service is in charge ofç implementing the tax provisionss of the for aable care act, making sure people who are working either purchase health insurance and providing subsidies for those who can afford it. her name is sara hall-ingram. >> she provided horrendous customer service under her watch now she is going to do the same implementing obamacare. swell. this is the perfect -- this is a perfect example of why we need tax reform. >> said to limit the power of the internal revenue service you have to reduce the complexity of the tax code to take them out of it. >> the democrats defended the healthcare law. >> they did defend obamacare,
12:34 pm
and insisted the republicans were wrong claiming the medical records would be available tow irs. ingram was name to the post by steven miller stick months before the tea party tarring was discovered. democrats asked miller what information her current division would collect. >> their job in obamacare is simply to collect paid financial information on which a determination is made as to whether somebody can get a subsidy for their premium. , that? >> were you covered and over what period is what we would be getting. >> yesterday the house voted for the 37th time to repeal all of part of obamacare. conservatives say 37 provisions in the law will be implemented by the irs, and the tea party targeting scandal may alter the political landscape for that. >> greg: thanks very much. at today's hearing, lawmakers repeatedly accused the outgoing
12:35 pm
irs chief of giving false statements to charge, charge he denies. this week we learned that some senior irs officials were well aware of that targeting two years ago, but guess what? never really came up at any of the hearings on the hill. >> despite a two-year long investigation by this committee, the irs never told the american people or their representatives about this simple truth. and in fact we were repeatedly told no such targeting wasn't happening elm health not being misled. that's lying. >> joining me, a former federal prosecutor and department of justice official, doug burns. what comes to mind is perjury and false statements to congress. put it up on the screen. here's basically what you have to prove. knowing and willfully falsifying, concealing, or covering up material fact, making a materially false statement or using a false writing or document.
12:36 pm
if miller knew in march of 2012 and a month later sent a letter disease nying it, could this case get referred to prosecutors? >> absolutely. in fact you're highlighting something that is very important and people have not focused on today as much as they should have, which is that today -- it was interesting. the answers were very carefully crafted legal answers but you're hitting a much more important chord, which is that well back, he testified as well as i think it was mr. shulman before congress and they made statements denying. now, from a legal standpoint, one, was this as is being chit politically suggested a couple of rogue people in cincinnati. most people have a tough time with that. but then, b., the corollary is, if it went beyond that, which i suggest it did, how high up did it go, and then right to your point, if it went to the steven
12:37 pm
miller and shulman level and they die nyeed, there's more trouble. >> this is an attempt to interfere with irs laws. you can be an irs employee and violate this law. corruptly or by force, impedes the due administration of the internal revenue code, one year behind bars. >> as a federal prosecution, title 26.72.01 is a division, keep going down, .03, failure to file, and i remember 12, and it's important because it is a misdemeanor. so defense attorneys are trying to bargain for that. that would apply. but here again, back to the original observation, if they really did intentionally lie to congress, they would be facing a felony. >> chairman of the house ways and means committee dave camp said in an interview the irs has leaked confidential information potentially for political reasons. that is potentially another crime. we'll put it up on the screen. liking confidential information.
12:38 pm
you know this one. federal employee willfully discloses to any person any return or return information five years behind bars on that one. >> we had a case where a woman in a service center -- don't identify which one -- photo copped the tax return of a mega music star and it was -- >> do you think will end up behind bars? >> it's hard to say. think this will be referred for some type of criminal prosecution if e-mails and other documents show that they knew back when they first testified. but it's hard to predict the outcome. >> doug burns, former federal prosecutor. thank for being with us. >> we're now getting a look inside the maximum security cell in which jodi arias is spending her days as jurors will determine whether to send her to death of stabbing her lover, slitting his throat and shoot him in the health sheriff arpaio
12:39 pm
allowed local news crews to view the cell. he wanted to set he record straight that conditions at the jail were cushy. >> one hour a day, and just shower and make a telephone call. a little toilet. a little sink. and two bunks. >> greg: arias cried in court yesterday during emotional testimony from travis alexander's testimony. despite her crime the sheriff says she has been a pretty good inmate. tell us more about the living conditions, trace. >> as you say, she is in the maximum security part of the jail. her cell is six feet by ten feet, the your average walk-in closet. jodi arias, you can see the bags on the floor, those are filled with both fan mail and hate mail. she has no access to radio, television, or computers, but she still gets some magazines, newspapers, and some books and
12:40 pm
pencils and papers to write buff, although one time she got in trouble for having to many crayons and she does have a friend that tweets for her, and sheriff joe doesn't like it. listen. >> i'm not happy with it. there's nothing i can do as a third party. you have to understand we know exactly what she is tweeting. when she makes a telephone call. i can't stop inmates from using a telephone call once a day in high security areas. >> by the way, jodi arias did not know her cell was being toured and sheriff joe says, that's none of her business. >> greg: too bad, jodi. the penalty phase begins monday? >> well, yeah. began yesterday but picks up again on monday. ended early yesterday without explain asia, no court today, and because some of the witnesses we thought were testify are not going to, it's moving faster. jodi arias could actually take
12:41 pm
the stan as early as monday, and despite saying she wants today die, he lawyer says she will try to convince the jury to recommend life in prison. she will even show the jury some of her artwork. but legal experts say, she will have very tough time countering the impact statements made by the family of travis alexander. listen. >> and some of these photos are more gruesome than i've ever seen in my my 11 years of law enforcement. our minds are stained with the images of our poor brother's throat, slit from ear to ear. >> so if arias takes the stand on monday or tuesday, the jury could again get the case, maybe late tuesday, early wednesday. greg? >> greg: could go quickly. trace gallagher, thank you. >> reports that russia is supplying even more powerful weapons to syria's government as
12:42 pm
activists releases what they call new evidence of the regime's human rights abuses. >> and a fox news weather alert. forecasters saying an approaching severe storm system could trigger a new rash of tornadoes this time in the midwest. chief meteorologist rich is live in the fox extreme weather center. hi, rick. >> it's really been very quiet tornado season this far. obvious live these storms in texas this week. now we're setting up for the first big severe weather event this weekend, starting tomorrow, through monday. all these readings here, some very moist air, and hot and sticky chaos the south and this sharp trough setting up tomorrow. this is exactly where it is all across the central plains here, from north dakota, north texas, and a bulls eye here hoff moderate risk across nebraska and kansas. that's the saturday threat. people will see some tornadoes, possible will you large
12:43 pm
tornadoes, tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. sunday is a little further off toward the east, and by monday, dealing with a smaller area but still severe weather. so a three-day outbreak we'll continue to watch and bring the information to you. meanwhile, "studio b" will be right back. [ male announcer ] this is betsy. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪
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>> greg: our nation's top spy making a surprise visit to israel. israeli official says cia chief john brennan traveled there to meet with that country's defense
12:47 pm
minister. no word on what was discussed but the trip comes amid israeli concerns over the transfer of weapons to hezbollah, and after israel carried out air strikes aimed at stopping the shipments. human rights activists released video they say shows evidence of torture in syrian prisons. we cannot independently verify this videotape. they say they visited the prisons last month. among their findings interrogation rooms rooms and te devices, including one that stretches a person0s arms and legs. the refugee agency reports 1.5 million people have fled syria since the fighting began. our chief correspondent jonathan hunt with us now. jonathan, word russia has spent powerful weapons to syria. >> missiles that pack a pretty good punch.
12:48 pm
known as the f-300, a range of about 200 miles, designed to take out ships which would obviously be a deterrent guess the u.s. or anybody else mounting a naval blockade. the russian foreign minister says, i don't understand white the media are trying to make this look like a sensation. we have never hidden the fact we are supplying syria with arms. others would disagree it is a sensation. among them, the charm of the joint chiefs who said this is ill-timed, and unfortunate. listen. >> what i really worry about is that assad will decide that since he has these systems, he is safer, and more prone to a miscalculation, so, again, an unfortunate decision. >> so, very clear that the russians remain firmly on the side of president bashar assad. >> greg: it's a big deal that
12:49 pm
the cia chief fliss in israel. >> very big deal and very much related. top of john brennan's agenda when he met with the israely difference minister, would have been the transfer of weapons from syria to hezbollah, the militant group based in lebanon. that is of great concern to the israelis. that's why they carried out various strikes within syria, against those sort of weapons shipments. all of this putting a great deal of pressure on the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, as one expert, dr. joseph of the university of south carolina said to me, netanyahu cannot afford not to try to prevent the transfer of arms to hezbollah, and that probably is the key to the future of this conflict, at least in the immediate future. nobody wants a wider war here, greg, but israel has to too everything it took prevent the weapons getting across the border to hezbollah. >> greg: an important story. all right.
12:50 pm
we have an important guest. you want to stick around? >> sure. >> greg: yolanda -- i'm going to get her to say that. if you want chance at hundred0s millions of bucks, powerball fever sweeping the nation. the odds may be insanely slim but not stopping folks from pushing the jackpot to new heights. you never know.
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>> greg: the jackpot for tomorrow night's powerball drawing, $660 million. people buying tickets. the last time somebody hit the jackpot was march. meaning the prize has been growing and growing for six weeks. >> i hope i can hit it so i can help a lot of people.
12:54 pm
>> everybody is putting money together, jimmy,0, too but since i happen to be here and there's no line, why not an extra ticket. >> powerball officials say the odds of winning are one in 175 million. don't let that deter you. the new york lottery spokesperson yolanda vegas is here. this is so exciting. >> epic, recordbreaking. >> greg: if nobody picks it tomorrow night, it could grow even more. >> it will roll on until wednesday, which is could possibly reach the figure of maybe a billion dollars. >> greg: two bucks gets you a billion. >> that's right. that's right. >> only usually members of congress get that. my wife and i bought our tickets and i just shook the handof yolanda a vega so give it up. >> till people even if you don't hilt the five numbers and the
12:55 pm
powerball, if you hilt the five numbers you get a million dollars. >> i guess you don't get to buy tickets. >> absolutely not. >> condition of your contract. >> yes. >> my husband is not that very happy. >> that includes him, too any whoever lives in hi household. >> my house is a state trooper and they have an office pool and he can't do that. >> ever give advice to winners? >> get financial people in order, and i say, put those -- put the two dollars down on the anniversaries and the favorite numbers and quick picks. >> why does nobody new york city never win. >> the people out of the big city always say it's people in new york city and surrounding counties that win. but we have had four powerball winners since 2010 in new york state. >> i'm number
12:56 pm
>> the bought tickets and are hoping to retire to a nice caribbean island. >> i'll be there to present them with the oversized check. >> i love it when you say. >> for the new york lottery, i am yolanda vega. good look everybody! >> you're wonderful. thanks so much. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur
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12:59 pm
>> yolanda vega has not left the building yet. she was fun. >> infectious personality.
1:00 pm
>> great personality. >> how many tickets? >> 20 between me and my wife. >> is that right and. >> we only need one. >> greg: that's right. you never know. it's on the rise. powerball, and so is the dow, up 118. an all-time high. neil is next. >> neil: time nice when you're not having fun. 40 years after this. this. lawmakers asking now what lawmakers asked then: who knew what and when? and how high up does this mess go? welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. what a day. four decades to the day, the very day, after the first watergate hearing, a hearing that would trigger still more hearings, still more revelations, and for an embattled white house, more trouble. that was then. hearing the back and forth today, this irs thing, much different now? >> what did the president

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